Douglas DC3 In The 21st Century DVD


This best seller is a film not to be missed !

The superb sights and sounds of this great aircraft are portrayed magnificently in this quality production.

The best modern footage you will see of the DC-3, filmed exclusely for this program in the Southern Alps of New Zealand , complimented by some great historic footage of the beginnings of the DC-3 provided by Boeing.

Cockpit flight over the Lyttleton port hills, mountain flying, overhaul scenes at Fieldair & technical repair aspects.

See engines in pieces, corrosion being repaired, wings in pieces and lots more.

Take a close-up look at the
DC-3 workhorse, great DC-3 liveries, NAC colours, engine run-ups, preflight check & walkaround - quality filming, great sounds produced especially for the airliner & DC-3 enthusiast!

For the technically minded we take a rare close-up look at the DC-3's Pratt & Whitney R-1830 radial engines: cylinders, pistons, crankcase....

This film will thrill you with exclusive stunning close-ups of engine starts, taxiing, take-offs, landings, and all the sights and sounds of the Douglas DC-3 - hear the roar of 2400 Pratt & Whitney horses with full power engine run-ups!

The unique footage of this vintage propliner you will see in this film simply is not matched in any other propliner film.

70 mins